"Photography has become a not-always useful adjunct to my painting. It’s too easy to imitate the photograph (witness all those amazing, boring super-realist paintings out there) and leave the imagination in abeyance. So photography works best for me when I take photographs of people and places and enjoy them for their own sake.*

Pentax cameras and lenses have been my preferred system until the last couple of years, when I have found myself gravitating to the Olympus brand. Olympus processes their images in a way I really enjoy. Lately, I have taken to using my Asus Zenphone5 as my carry-around snapper."

*When I came to cull hundreds of my West Bank photographs for an exhibition at the Lawrence Wilson Gallery, UWA, in 2011, I found that the only ones which survived this process included people in landscapes.


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Living Sculpture, Guangzhou, 2011

Magical Landscape, Chao Long, 2011

Feeding the Koi, Ubud, 2012

Funeral, Ubud, 2012

Arrested, Beit Jala, 2013

Herb Gatherers, Asira al Qibliya, 2013

Fields on Fire, Iraq Burin, 2013

Press Photographer Wounded, Iraq Burin, 2013

Test of Strength, Iraq Burin, 2013

Beer Time, Chao Long, 2011

Campbell's Pool, Sydney, 2013

Bus Shelter, Sydney, 2013

Fisherman, Bingin, 2012

After School, Nablus, 2013

Burning the Israeli Flag, Nablus, 2013

In the Souk, Hebron, 2013

Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall, Bilín, 2013

Protester, Na'lin, 2013

The Face of Resistance, Beit Ummar, 2013

Underneath the Sniper Post, Hebron, 2013