"Drawing has been a fundamental activity for me throughout my career. It is such an honest pursuit. It is a great tool for finding out about a place, a person or a thing - and about ones’ self. Whether drawing in pen and ink in a sketchbook or doing large-scale studies in charcoal it is always a voyage of discovery, revealing both our knowledge and our ignorance."

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Rice Paddies, Trincomalee

Pen and ink  //  1971

Sydney Harbour National Park

Pen and ink  //  1980

Mount of Olives

Pen and ink  //  1982

Darlington Hillside

Pen and ink  //  1984

Rainforest (2)

Pen and ink  //  2003

Early morning, Yagon

Pen and ink  //  2009


Ink, watercolour and hessian  //  1979

Gardens, Jericho

Pen and ink  //  1982

Near Bethlehem

Pen and ink  //  1982

Into the Mangroves

Pen and ink  //  2002

Rainforest Garden (2)

Pen and ink  //  2007